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  • Flying I am a beginner/new pilot. Where can I find tips about using my new drone?
    All of our DJI drones come with a user manual and comprehensive tutorials, which you can get from the Flight Academy in the DJI Fly app. Dronewolf is here to answer any further questions. Dronewolf also offers an epic course designed for new drone owners – check it out – Drone Academy
  • Where am I allowed to fly in Singapore?
    For the latest information, visit the Civic Aviation Authority of Singapore website to obtain this information.
  • What licenses am I required to get if I just want to fly as a hobby?
    Depending on the size of your craft
  • Where does Dronewolf sell from?
    We sell from Singapore.
  • If I buy a drone from Dronewolf, is delivery included in the price?"
    Yes! Delivery (within Singapore) is included in all drone purchases exceeding SGD300. Delivery charges will apply for amounts under SGD300.
  • Hey can you check if my gig is showing up in the search at your end?
    At this stage, our shopping is only available within Singapore. We do not ship internationally.
  • I have bought a drone from Dronewolf, how long until I get it?"
    We will communicate this to you at the time of purchase.
  • If I bought a drone from Dronewolf, can Dronewolf repair and maintain it for me?"
    Yes – we will either repair it ourselves at our workshop or we will outsource it to our trusted network of local repair technicians. PLEASE NOTE: Additional costs will apply for all spare parts and the repair service.
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